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time to get back in the gym

The last two weeks have been productive, challenging and I had some fun too. I got the opportunity to go to my first UCF Basket ball game and really enjoyed it. It'd been quite awhile since I've been to a sporting event and I realized how much I missed the atmosphere. The game was intense, the energy in the place was high and there's just something about watching people giving their all, doing what they have a passion for that gets me hyped up. I hope to check out more games in the near future. Thanks to @nowellycrane for hooking it up, @DylanK_UCF @dunkinking and @jstnmcbride for vibin after.

We got our first share from the CSA farm I mentioned in my last blog and have been tearing into it!

We did step out once to get some noms at Thailicious after my first day back at Project Walk!

Yep, finally made it back into the gym at Project Walk Orlando! I am so stoked to be back working out hard, it's definitely where I need to be in order to recover my independence! Rather then ramble on and on about it, why don't I just show you how it went! Enjoy.

I can't express how truly grateful I am to be able to be here going to Project Walk! Thank you so much to my parents, family, friends and the entire 4one7ARMY!

If you would like to donate directly to my Project Walk Sessions you can CLICK HERE to visit their site. Scroll down to the "Donate" button and click it.

In the "Purpose" area, let them know it's for Wes Bandemer's Recovery.

Thank you!

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