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Whats up? I'm Wes, it’s been an interesting journey so far, especially the last 16 years.

I've sat, observed and learned about the world. I've defined for myself what is important and what matters in life.


There are moments in life we can’t control and sometimes shit happens. I broke my neck and was paralyzed at age 16 doing what I loved, racing dirt bikes. This isn’t who I am, but it’s something that happened and played a major role in shaping who I currently am. I believe in self-responsibility, we have a choice of how we act and what we do before, during and after every moment. I believe that health and fitness are vitally important to living the best life. I believe in being a hard worker. I believe that gratitude isn’t the only key, but it is a key to happiness. I believe in doing the right thing, if the right thing is an option, regardless of how difficult it may be. I believe there are no excuses. If you come up short, you at least know that you were on the right path. I believe in approaching things you don't or can't understand with a positive mindset. If you want to do something, try and keep trying, even if it seems like an impossible task.


I’m still on a journey with the aim to accomplish the goals I've set for myself.

I'll be updating this soon!


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